How I Helped My Anal Itching

Since it's a sensitive topic I am just going to call myself F. I am a 32 year old male who has been dealing with "anal itching" for over 10 years. This condition is a terrible thing to deal with. I have woke up in the middle of the night crying, had plenty of sleepless nights, have had vacations ruined, difficulty working, special moments interrupted by my anal itching and more. I have several friends and family of all ages who have been dealing with the same issues and after hours and hours of Googling I can see that there are tons of people affected by this terrible uncomfortable condition.

I have seen multiple doctors, proctologists, nutritionists and more. No one has been able to give me a definite answer on the what cause of my itchiness is besides classifying it as "pruritis ani". The best treatment a doctor ever recommend was a topical steroid but putting something so powerful close to my prostrate really freaked me out. I eat healthy and pay close attention to the ingredients of everything that I eat and put on my body.

So this began my search for natural and organic remedies and treatments to self heal my itchy butt. Then after finding things that worked well for me I started to hunt for the best bargains to make sure my butt is always covered. :D

I have literally tried hundreds of solutions from vinegar, witch hazel, rubbing alchol, vodka, peppermint oil, sitz bath, salt bath, cold bath, cold shower, colonic, enemas, prescriptive medications and so much more my head i spinning just thinking about everything.

Here are the natural organic products that I found which work the best and the cheapest places on the web where I have found them:

#1 DermaE Itch Relief Lotion:
This is definitely the best solution I have found so far. Original I found it at Whole Foods but its quite expensive there. Then I found that if I bought five bottles at a time from Amazon shipping would be free and I was saving serious money (I use about 1 bottle a month). The lotion contains Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, Chamomile and is all natural, cruelty free, paraben free and eco friendly. I put a small amount about the size of half a dime all the way around a clean q-tip and I rub it around the outside and slightly inside my anus. Within 5 minutes I feel so much better. This lotion has really helped me sleep. Buy it here from Amazon and if you spend more than $35 shipping is free.

#2 Proctosan:
I have noticed that sometimes a hemorrhoid relief would help with or without hemorrhoids present. There were a few natural ones I was using but they contained petroleum based white jelly which I did not want to put in my body. When I was travelling overseas I found Proctosan which is an all natural hemorrhoid medication containing Ratanhia MT (Rhatany), Aesculus hippocastanum MT (Horse Chestnut), Collinsonia canadensis MT (Stone-root), Paeonia officinalis MT (Peony) and Negundo MT (Box-elder). Once again I apply a small amount with a q-tip and apply it in and around my anus. This has really helped with anal itching throughout the day. Buy it here from Amazon and if you spend more than $35 shipping is free.

#3 Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick:
If some of you have already done your online research and heard of people putting rubbing alcohol and witch hazel directly onto their butts you might know that it BURNS like crazy. However after that burn goes away so does the itch, at least for awhile. So I have done so much research on the topic and I am always reading the ingredients on every product. I picked up the Burts Bees Blemish Stick from CVS a long time ago for those few pesky zits I got from time to time. I love that its 100% natural and it contains tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus, alcohol from corn oil, calendula extract, willowbark and more. This stuff is crazy expensive so I always get it from my favorite source online Amazon! Buy it here from Amazon and if you spend more than $35 shipping is free.

#4 "Ditch the Itch Spray":
This does not work as well, as long or as quickly as DermaE but I do often use this as well. Where DermaE relies on Tea Tree Oil, Ditch the Itch uses Colloidal Oatmeal. I like the ingredients in Ditch the Itch spray more than DermaE. DermaE contains a few newer to the market natural ingredients that have less research where the Ditch the Itch products all contain ingredients I recognize. I wish it worked better but in all honesty I only use this when my itch isn't that bad. Along with the oatmeal this product contains aloe vera gel, shea butter, eucalyptus, neem and more. Buy it here from Amazon and if you spend more than $35 shipping is free.

#5 "Digestive Enzyme Complex":
I've learned over time that not on the surface of my skill needs healing but also my digestive tract. I started taking probiotics but felt there were some adverse side effects so I switched to a Digestive Enzyme Complex! My bowel movements are more regular and it is helping to improve my situation! Buy it from Botanic Choice for the lowest price I've found on the web.

#6 "Water Wipes":
Wow! I have always been trying to find the best toilet or baby wipes! I have had so many complications with different "cleansing" methods causing irritation and further itching. Finally after several years of research I have found the perfect baby wipe with "Water Wipes!" They are simply organic cotton cloth, 99% purified water and 1% grapefruit extract. Simply amazing!

I always look on Amazon and find the lowest prices. I also stock up with a supply of everything and the shipping is free. They are probably my favorite online store. Whenever I go to Whole Foods or CVS to get any of these products I always end up spending double and unfortunately since this issue just won't go away it has become part of my monthly budget.

A bit more advice that you probably know.... use natural soap. There are harsh chemicals in your soaps and shampoos. Exposing your bum to these chemicals can only make things worse. Use a mild soap. If you can find something with organic peppermint oil it might soothe your pain. Just in case, check to make sure you don't have worms. I know it's gross but apparently they can cause this problem too.

So I finally took the time to make my site about anal itching otherwise referred to as pruritis ani. Please note I am definitely not a doctor or medical professional, I am just a regular guy who wanted to share his journey on earth with an itchy butt to the world in the hopes that some of you find some relief and get a good night sleep. Thanks for reading and Good luck!

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